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Warming Fall Broth

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Broth and fall go together like... well, broth and fall. The weather is cool enough that warm liquids feel really nurturing but something creamier would be a little too heavy. This has a gentle spice to help with digestion if you want to drink it as a simple broth, and a good deal of umami with the mushrooms and aminos to make it an excellent base for soups and stir fries.


FYI, these measurements and ingredients are totally adaptable. So feel free to skip a spice or pepper if it doesn't agree with you.

- 1/2 C dried mushroom I typically use shiitake, maitake and the black fungi from the Asian supermarket, but whatever fancy dried mushroom is making the rounds would work.

- 1/4-1/2 C dried seaweed. I typically use kombu, but also wakame and even nori

- 1-2 TBSP aminos (regular or coconut)

- 1 garlic bulb, smashed

- 1 onion, quartered (with skin and any kind you prefer, I use yellow)

- 1 chili pepper (thai chili, jalapeno, whatever you prefer) Start there, you can adjust with cayenne if you need more

- 2 C veggies & greens. Typically I use a stalk of celery, a carrot and whatever leftover kale, spinach or cabbage that is about to go. I also save the stalks of the kale and greens from the week, stick 'em in the freezer, and put those in.

- 1 lemon or lime cut

- 1 or 2inches ginger root

- 1 bayleaf

- 1 star anise

- 1 TBSP peppercorn

- 2 TBSP turmeric

- 1/4-!/2 C nutritional yeast

- 1 bunch fresh or dried or fresh herbs of choice. This time around, I had some thai basil and cilantro.

- I put all this stuff in and then I add the water to below the brim, maybe 12 C?


- If your soup pot comes with a strainer, put that in. It makes it much easier to remove all the non-broth ingredients.

- add everything to the pot.

- bring to a boil.

- reduce to simmer, cover, and let it steep for at least an hour. I usually go for 2 or more. The longer the more concentrated.

- strain and serve!.

- A great at-home pho idea: add already cooked soba noodles and fold in some fresh spinach , spring onions and a few sauteed mushrooms.

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