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Private Sessions

If you are new client, all sessions whether online or in person will start with a free 15-minute clarity zoom session or phone call. Please contact me to set one up.

My approach combines the precision of Pilates with personalized wellness strategies to achieve balance, strength, and overall well-being.

Together, we will create an individualized program that will tone your body and nourish your mind and spirit, empowering you to live life to the fullest.

This begins with a comprehensive assessment to understand your unique needs and goals. From there, I create a curriculum tailored to your individual fitness level and objectives. From core strengthening to flexibility enhancement, each session is designed to optimize your physical health and functional movement.

Your journey goes beyond just physical fitness. Through personalized lifestyle coaching, you'll gain practical strategies to enhance your overall well-being, including stress management techniques, nutrition guidance, and self-care practices. My goal is to empower you to cultivate healthy habits that support lifelong health and vitality.


Option 1: Online (40 minutes)

Enjoy the flexibility, convenience and personal attention from the comfort of your own home. All you need is the space a size of the yoga mat.Recommended weekly sessions to get the most of your practice, with convenient membership or package options. Please visit Plans & Pricing for cost. 

Option 2: In Person (50 minutes)

If you are in the Greenville or Travelers Rest area, in-person sessions at a fully equipped Pilates studio are also an option. (Pricing is different than the online sessions and dependent on your preferred location of Greenville or TR, and will be discussed during our free 15-minute clarity call).

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