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Winter Practices to Keep Warm

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I've always known I could never live in Florida because I like soup-- and everything else about winter--too much. I love nestling in for a few months, appreciate letting my body recharge and spending more movie nights at home.

Then, around late January, the fatigue sets in. I start to feel the cold in my very bones, I miss the sun, and I itch to see green. It's then that I have to throw in a few home practices to keep myself balanced.

Journal &/or Create Something: This is the time of year to go inward. I find I am most creative when I am left trapped inside trying to amuse myself. I tend to journal every day, writing out ideas for now and the future. It's a great time to try a new recipe, take out your sketch book, and remind yourself that your whole inner world is not in hibernation.

Donate: Go through your home space with a box and fill it with stuff you know you don't want or need. Don't overthink it, and don't talk yourself out of it, just take it over to a charitable place and hand it over. Donating helps us practice non attachment while also allowing us to feel good by helping others.

Drink Tea: This is not the time to go on a raw juice cleanse. Winter is the time your digestion slows down, so you want to keep your inner fire lit with warm teas, soups, and curries. Here are some winter-specific tea suggestions.

Commit to Something New: take a challenge to do two yoga classes a week until the Spring Equinox, subscribe to a word a day email list, make a list of documentaries on a given topic and watch one a week... Creating a habit that requires exertion and effort on your part keeps you out of brain fog territory.

Do a Restorative a Day: Remember your body is in recharge mode. You need to honor that by making sure you are taking time to rest. Your body takes its cues from the natural world, so make sure you are giving it time to rest. Choose a restorative pose like legs up the wall, or child's pose, set a timer (5-minutes minimum!) and light a candle. This will sooth your nervous system and help with any type of physical or mental burn out.

Water a Plant: Any amount of greenery in your house is going to increase prana (life energy and good vibes). If even a snake plant is out of your scope, consider getting a crop of self growing sprouts for your kitchen, or put a scallion bulb in a glass of water. It's a way of interacting with nature in your day to day, and a nice mindfulness moment.

Make Your Bed: Don't let the dust settle! One, it will only make any allergies worse, but two, it causes a disassociation between yourself and your place in the world. Putting away the sugar, hanging your clothes, as wiping up the sink are acts of self-care.

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