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What's rsunmoves?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

It’s my mission to fall less often.

Conscious living: turning off auto-pilot and really paying attention to the “how” of it all: How I move in the world, through the world and with the world.

It’s a full time job, and my auto-pilot constantly threatens to kick in. But every morning I wake up, and just like that, a new sunrise, a new day. Another chance to listen, respond and adapt.

Because it makes me feel good—it makes my body healthier, my mind clearer, and I’m just generally happier.

And I love helping other people feel that way, helping them find what works for them and feel deserving of health and happiness. I don’t have some prescription. I just know to listen. And when someone is listening to you, you can hear yourself. And that’s a great first step to figuring out what you need.

Rsunmoves is only here to make suggestions, stuff that might work for you, might resonate, might help you press reset. And maybe help you fall less.

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