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Me-treat Time!

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I try to do a me-treat every year around the end of August.

As opposed to a vacation somewhere in the world, this is my ‘inward-bound’ time. It’s become a critical yearly expedition.

Some years it has been a fully silent, bare-bones affair with seaweed broth and barefoot walks while avoiding eye contact in an idyllic center framed by cow pastures. Others have been more spa-like, with hydro-massage, yoga classes and Chopra audiobooks (his voice tho!), but still with minimal interaction with others.

These me-treats have lasted as long as 2 weeks or as little as 2 days and always with the same guidelines:

  • Reduced stimuli (news, booze, blue-light…the usual line-up)

  • Increased nature

  • A lot of silence

  • Journaling and meditating

  • No ‘work’

This year, especially in March when everything closed down, a lot of those things just naturally started happening. So when August rolled around, I had to figure out how to make my me-treat different from just my day-to-day.