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Catch Me I'm Falling: Dealing with Frog Mind

As a season, fall is the most unsettling.

Leaves change color and then rapidly fall, picnic basket one day and rain boots the next, tomato sandwiches for lunch and hearty squash soups for dinner. It’s this unpredictability that makes this time of year so beautiful to me.

But it can also wreak havoc on my skin (sudden dry patches), my digestion (it slows way down), and sleep (that last week before the clocks change…gaaah).

2020’s fall has come with the added bonus of sweaty palms, a tightness in my heart and an inability to stop checking my Apple News Feed.

I’m not an anxious person.

I’m the classic youngest child: my sister and mom take care of the details, and I blow on the dandelions. As a result , I am particularly ill-equipped to handle stress—My preferred method is avoidance and distraction.