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Basil & Mint Lemonade

Everything in this refreshing drink sings summer! Typically I'll make a batch in the morning and and drink it through the day by adding water or seltzer as needed. When diluted, this recipe can make up to 64-oz of lemonade, depending on how concentrated you like the drink.

You can also switch up the herbs-- I recently started growing Thai basil (that's the plant with the purple flowers in the pic below!) and put that into the mix. Or you could do it with just the mint or just the basil...


  • 1 cup combo of fresh mint and basil

  • 1/2 cup lemon juice

  • 24-oz water

  • sweetener to taste (I use honey)

  • seltzer or regular water to dilute


  • Blend the herbs, lemon juice, sweetener and 24-oz of water

  • Put through a mesh strainer or nut milk bag.

  • Dilute with water or seltzer to taste

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